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Other Suspects

In addition to the suspects covered throughout the rest of this site, over 200 people were interviewed in the investigation into the attack of Tama Hallmark. Here are a few others who were questioned in the case:

Tama's Boyfriend

Tama Hallmark's boyfriend was the first suspect considered in the case. The son of a local doctor was immediately cleared in the investigation. Sheriff Walter Welch said that there was no doubt in his mind that the boy was completely innocent. When Tama was taken to a St. Anthony's Hospital in Oklahoma City, The young man stayed by her bedside, even as she remained unconscious.

Unnamed 19 Year-Old

An unnamed 19 year-old was given a lie detector test on January 10, 1964. Results were "negative."

Charles Roy Hefley II

Charles Roy Hefley II, a sixteen year-old from Fort Worth, Texas was being held in connection with the attack of a young woman and the murder of her two children. Carolyn Adams had been raped and slashed. She survived the attack. Her two little boys were drowned after being thrown into the Trinity River. Terry Davis was 2 1/2 years old. His brother David was only one. Hefley confessed to the savage crimes.

Stephens County Deputy Sheriff Charles Barnard and Oklahoma Crime Bureau agent Ernest Lovett had driven to Fort Worth to question the suspect in the investigation of Tama Hallmark's attack. Hefley passed a lie detector test and was cleared of any connection to Hallmark's beating and stabbing. "He turned out just like all the others," said Lovett.

A jury later found Hefley insane. He was committed to the Rusk State Hospital in Texas. He has since been released.

Cpl. Jimmy L. Anderson

Jimmy L Anderson was a 25 year-old corporal in the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Sill, near Lawton, Oklahoma. He was charged with indecent exposure in Duncan. He was investigated in relation to the Hallmark attack. A young Duncan girl accused Anderson of exposing himself to her on the same day of the attack. Anderson underwent a lie detector test.

He pled innocent to the indecent exposure charge. Anderson was also charged in Lawton on similar charges. Two young girls there reported to police that he had exposed himself to them.

Anderson was arrested at Cache Road Square after the mother of one Lawton girls followed him there from the Trade Mart where he had exposed himself. His car was impounded. Anderson was arrested when he called in to report it stolen.

He was cleared in the Hallmark investigation.

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